About company

IT professionals
in the field of culture

We create relevant technological projects for state and departmental museums, cultural and art institutions. The Museum Plus is a small team with a long history. Each of us has many years of experience in implementing projects in the field of culture.

We understand museum specifics, take care of art objects and author's texts, study and analyze the needs of the audience, offer technological solutions that ensure delicate interaction with virtual and real visitors.

  • 10 
    years of experience
    in the field of art
    and culture
  • 100+

The main principle of our work is to listen to the client and understand all the nuances of the project together with him, so that the technical solution fits the tasks as well as possible.

Among our clients — large state and departmental museums, libraries, cultural institutions, small galleries, private museums, collectors and art curators.

We are ready to design, create and develop projects of any complexity related to the development, implementation and use of web and media technologies together with you. We are open to dialogue and cooperation!

Mikhail Ugolnikov

MuseumPlus CEO